2014 Kraft Center Symposium Videos

We hope you enjoy the following highlights from the 2014 Kraft Center Symposium speaking program:


The Kraft Center's impact -  
Thoughts from community health leaders and caregivers


Community health centers, life-saving work -
Patients share their stories

Derri Shtasel, MD, MPH
Executive Director
Kraft Center for Community Health
Welcome and Thank You

Derri Shtasel, MD, MPH
Executive Director
Kraft Center for Community Health
Opening Remarks

Robert K. Kraft, MBA
Founder, Chairman, and CEO
The Kraft Group

Gary L. Gottlieb, MD, MBA
President and CEO
Partners HealthCare

Paul Farmer, MD, MPH
Founding Director
Partners in Health
Keynote Address - Reimagining Global Health: The Significance of Community-based Care

Marguerite Beiser, NP
Kraft Practitioner
Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Graduate Presentation - Enhancing Hepatitis C Care for People Experiencing Homelessness: A Patient-Centered Primary Care Approach


Mark Viron, MD
Kraft Practitioner
Massachusetts Mental Health Center
Graduate Presentation - The Wellness and Recovery Medicine (WaRM) Center at Massachusetts Mental Health Center: A Health Home for People with Serious Mental Illness

Katherine Hobbs Knutson, MD, MPH
Kraft Fellow
South Boston Community Health Center
Graduate Presentation - Trauma in Children: A Community Response

James W. Hunt Jr., PhD
President and CEO
Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

Panel Discussion -
Partnership and Empowerment in the Kraft Center Experience

Moderator: Jessie Gaeta, MD
Medical Director, Boston Health Care for Homeless Program

panel discussion featuring: 

Jessie Gaeta, MD - Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Marilyn Cox - Lynn Community Health Center
Genevieve Daftary, MD, MPH - Codman Square Health Center
Withelson Gay - Codman Academy, Codman Square Health Center
Riza Pereira, MBA - Bowdoin Street Health Center
Tayla Salant - Bowdoin Street Health Center
Nicholas Ubanczyk, Lynn Community Health Center