Kraft Center Press Releases  

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9/28/2015 Trefler Family Joins the Kraft Family in Creating the Next Generation of Community Health Leaders

The Kraft Center is deeply grateful to Pamela and Alan Trefler for their recent gift of $1,000,000 to create the Trefler Practitioner Program for Cancer Equity. The Trefler Program will support Kraft Center trainings working in the area of early detection and treatment of cancer among marginalized populations throughout Greater Boston.

1/10/2011 Kraft Family, Partners HealthCare to establish National Center for Community Health

Robert and Myra Kraft and Partners HealthCare today announced the creation of a new center whose mission is to improve access and quality of health care for the neediest people in our communities, not only in Massachusetts, but across the nation. A $20 million gift from the Kraft family will fund The Kraft Family National Center for Leadership and Training in Community Health (The Center) to create an innovative fellowship program aimed at training a new generation of community-based physician leaders.